Friday, February 27, 2009

Awaiting the Arrival of...

Mr./Miss "L"!

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while, but not much has been happening until now. Oh by the way, this is Addie and I am Ggoody's owner. I am posting instead of Ggoody because this story gets a little bit complicated and I want the story to have all the details from the human perspective.

Well we have been waiting for some time for another puppy to raise, but unfortunately there have not been any puppies in our area for a while for us to raise. I heard back in early December that a litter in our area was expected return for formal training in mid December. That got my hopes up because if those puppy raisers decided to raise another puppy then that would mean a new litter and a potential puppy for me. Well those puppies got turned in and had we not heard anything other than there were a few litters born or expected during December and early January.

I thought that there might not be a new puppy for a while and I am patient and wanted to wait, but in the mean time I wanted to do something to help out some shelter dogs. My family and I decided we would foster some puppies from a local rescue group until they were placed in their forever home. I was really excited for this, but then the best e-mail came in...

The program had a litter available for our area! I was ecstatic, but at the same time I remembered the foster dog program. The thing is though, I have already been committed to the explosive detection canine team puppy raising program for a long time now and could not pass up this offer. We e-mailed back and said we would love to have a puppy!

All I know about our new arrival is that the puppy's name will start with an "L" and the name will be the last name of a person (I believe) they name most of the dogs after 9/11 victims or fallen soldiers. The puppy was born December 9, 2008 and is a Vizslador (A mix between a Vizsla and a Labrador Retriever). I am thrilled and little "L" comes home on Saturday, March 7. I will be sure to post some pictures of the new arrival.

Oh feel free to comment and guess what you think the puppy's name might be. I know that one of the puppy's name is Llane.