Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Vest, New Puppy?

Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I posted lately, but not much has been going on. My owner has been trying to get out and put flyers up, but with school now in full swing it is hard to find any spare time. I heard that I am getting a new vest though. This vest will be much more official than the backpack I have. It will look like the puppy raising vests although it will say something along the lines of "TSA Puppy Raising Program" and have a patch saying "I am friendly. Ask to pet me." I think the vest will either be green or red. As soon as I get pictures of my new vest I will post some.

Also on the puppy front, right now there are no puppies to be placed in our area. We need more volunteers bad! There is a litter coming at the beginning of December and a couple more after that. So hopefully in early 2009 a puppy will be ready for us to raise. Other than that I will try and keep everyone posted about how the flyers and vest works out.


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The Brax Blog said...

Hi, this is Frankie's trainer.
Thanks for visiting my blog (well my dog's blog!), I am glad you liked it.
For your first question on the meetings, most of the time they have 3 meetings a month and you have to make 2 of them. I am always really busy so our calendar gets full really quick; they give us a calendar of events at the beginning of the year. But yes every now and then I end up having to skip 2 events. The waiting list can take up to a year, depending on when you send it in. I really wouldn't know because when I sent in for a puppy I was moved to the top of the list, (I got my puppy the following week!!) they said I was that good of a trainer that they wanted to give me a dog right away.

Frankie's trainer