Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bowser Has Found his Forever Home

Sorry for the lack of updates, I feel like such a bad blogger. I have been extremely busy with school and golf because the spring season kicked into gear.

Well, just as the title of the post reads, Bowser did find his forever home. He was adopted by a nice couple, who were looking for a companion dog. They were new dog owners, but seemed to have done their research and were quite knowledgable about dog care. A week ago another family was interested in Bowser, but it did not work out because their youngest child was afraid of him.

For the two weeks we had him, I did not update about him at all on my blog. Here is the bio I put up about Bowser on the Austin Dog Alliance website, just give some detail about his personality.

Hi my name is Bowser! I have been with my foster family for about a week now and I must say I am quite the charmer. After only a few days of being with my foster family, I settled into their routine and my full personality is starting to bloom. I absolutely love walks! Show me the leash and I am ready to go. Car rides are great too! I love to be out and about around people. I am very playful as well. I love kongs, tennis balls, and rope toys in particular. I love to play fetch and I am very good about bringing the toy back for another round. Playing with other dogs is another favorite of mine. I get along quite well with my foster family’s Labrador, who I love to play tag with in the backyard. After exercise I love to curl up by people’s feet (or in their laps if they let me) and take a nice nap.

My foster family also discovered I know several commands. I know “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and I know my name. My leash manners are also quite good. I have excellent house manners; I am house broken, crate trained, and I only chew on dog toys. I recently met the pet parakeets at my foster home. I am very curious about them and kept trying to figure out what these strange animals were. I am just trying to be friendly, but my foster family says I may need supervision around small pet animals.

If you are looking for a dog that loves to be out and about, play fetch, and take mid-afternoon naps with you, I might be the perfect dog for you.

I have to say I really bonded with Bowser in the short time we had him. He was such a great little dog with a wonderful personality. The experience of giving him up compared to giving Llarson up was actually harder. With Llarson I knew he was going to be recalled; I knew the day I picked him up. With Bowser, I felt the back up plan could always be we could adopt him. It was so hard to say good-bye. In fact it was quite tearful, but now a few hours after he left I feel happy that I provided someone else a loving companion. I think back to how excited I was when Llarson and Ggoody came home and I am happy to have provided that joy to someone else.

Here are a few pictures of Bowser while he was here with us.

Bowser, I hope you and your new family have a wonderful start together and enjoy many years to come.

-Addie & Ggoody


Lauren and Don said...

Bowser is one lucky dog- thanks to the animal shelter and your foster care! What a happy ending (or rather, beginning!). It sounds like Bowser will enjoy many years to come with a great family.

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

He is so cute!
Glad he found a forever home:)

Corie Denerstein said...

Today is Marley's 7th birthday and he is happy, healthy and loving life. He has a baby sister now. She is human, but he's okay with it! He is very loved! I can't thank you enough! He is my heart! Corie