Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break

Over Spring Break (last week), my family and I went skiing in New Mexico. The weather was perfect for skiing, but sadly Ggoody had to stay at home. My wonderful neighbor Lois watched her for us and my friend walked her.

While shopping around Santa Fe we walked into a store that sold dog collars, leashes, and portable water dishes. Since Ggoody was left at home, I figured a new collar and portable water dish was a must. Her old water dish was just getting old from years of use and her collar, well it was time for a change of pace. Missy, Lois' cocker spaniel who we watched over Christmas Break, also got a collar. Missy got a red collar with a matching textile design while Ggoody's is turquoise with a textile design. I took a few pictures of the collar, but for some reason I can't find the pictures.

Other than that not much to report. A newsletter (Pawprints) from the puppy program came yesterday. Llarson is still progressing in his training. A few "K" litter pups are set to graduate soon so I am keeping my fingers crossed Llarson is next.

Until next time,

-Addie & Ggoody

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