Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Major Outing

I am very proud, I managed two posts in one weekend! Any way, Llarson went on his first official outing today. He went to Academy and Petsmart. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera today, but I will next time. Llarson did very well. Since he is not completly house broken (he is almost there) he only walked in the front of the store. I walked him in and out of the store a few times and he did great. He was not afraid of the sliding doors at all. He also loved this one bench, that he got all the way up on and loved to lay on it. Llarson also tugged and played with his toy in front of the store which is great because he has to be able to play in all environments. He also got many comments on how cute he was. Then after Academy we headed over to Petsmart to get some parakeet food. He was great! On walks he gets a little nervous when dogs bark so this was perfect for him. A dog barked in the store and he ignored it.

Earlier in the day, I took Llarson on one of his many daily walks and I decided to go to the elementary school near my house. I brought his long leash to let him explore and he loved it. He "hupped" on the benches when I asked him. ("Hup" is a command Llarson has to know, which is when he jumps up with his two front paws on the bench to allow him to explore the surface with his nose.) He also climbed up and down the stairs of the playscape with ease. Llarson loved this bridge on the playscape and was not scared when it moved when he walked across it. Overall Llarson was great and now we have one tired puppy on our hands!

-Addie, Ggoody, and Llarson

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raiserally said...

Yay for Llarson! You got a good pup on your hands and he's absolutely adorable! It's very cool to hear the differences between types of training and the things the pups need to learn for different jobs! I had a sheltie who graduated as an arson detection dog so it's cool to see part of what he learned!