Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long Awaited Update

Well Llarson has been pretty busy lately for a 13 week old pup. Before we left on Sunday to go to Memphis for Spring Break, Llarson went to the park with his long lead to explore. His vest finally fits him now, so he got to wear his vest to the park. He did great on his long leash and loves to go all the way out and sniff around. He also played with his toy for a while at the park, which is a good sign because he has to have a lot of toy drive for his future job. Here is a few pics of Llarson in his vest. He is hard to photograph because he is so energetic.

Before we left Llarson was dropped off at his puppy sitters, who had raised a dog for the program and adopted it after it did not make it. I met the dog they raised which was a wired-haired Viszla and very tall might I add. Overall Llarson got a good report. They took him downtown and said he did great. They also said he started digging a little bit.

Once we picked him up he has been great. And I think he grew some. An increase in his food migh be in store. He went to Blockbuster the other night (well the outside) as he is not completely house broken yet. He was good although a bit of a garbage mouth so we are working on that. Llarson has been so much fun so far. I will try and post weekly, but next weekend Llarson goes back for a week for his final shots and first evaluation. I will let you know how that goes the following week.

An update on Ggoody: Ggoody has done very well adjusting to Llarson. She puts up with his antics. I think she enjoyed her few days home alone though, with our neighbor taking care of her while we were gone.

-Addie, Ggoody, and Llarson

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Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Llarson is so adorable! You're right, he does look slightly smaller than Peyton. Peyton is only three days older. One of my favorite celebrity's birthday is on December 9, so I'm just a little jealous! ;)