Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bye Llarson, Hello California

Well since I will be leaving for California in a few days to visit my uncle, Llarson left for a puppy sitter a few hours ago. The puppy sitters who took him were very nice and offered to take him a few days in advance so we could get packed without the worry of what to do with Llarson. Come to find out the people who are watching Llarson had raised a dog named Zzipper who we watched one weekend when they went out of town. Small world! (Zzipper ended making the program and is now working for border control on the Texas and Mexico border.)

Anyway, I miss Llarson since I planned for us to go to the mall tomorrow to hang out and get an outing in. Oh well, when I come back we will go. I miss the little guy, but I know he will have a fun time with the puppy sitters, plus it is good exposure for him. I just want to thank the people watching Llarson for taking him in on such short notice, it really means a lot. I will definetly update when I get back and I will include some pictures of my uncle's german shepherds too!

-Addie, Ggoody & Llarson

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