Friday, August 28, 2009

August Update

August has been pretty a pretty busy month for us because school started on the 25th. Prior to school starting we were out shopping and I took a short trip to Colorado. Anyway, on to the update of Llarson.

Llarson was returned for his weekly evaluation earlier in the month. When we picked him up we saw his sister Llinanne again. It was fun to talk to her raisers and hear some stories about Llinanne. Llarson's report was great and he is progressing well. The only issue was his left ear was a little dirty so he is getting that ear cleaned twice a week for two weeks.

As far as outings, Llarson is a regular at soccer practice. He loves going and walking around the park. Once he gets somewhat tired (he as an abundance of energy), I usually sit down to watch part of the practice and so does Llarson. He does pretty well laying down and waiting before I am ready to walk around again.

Since school started on Tuesday, Llarson has been in his crate more than he was during the summer. I have been working hard to walk him twice after I get home from school to try and drain some of his energy. Today I thought it would be fun to take him to the middle school field to run around. He did great! I put him on his long leash and let him run around as we walked the trail that goes around the entire field area. After, I let him explore the outside of the school and portables. He loves the doors of the school. I think he was expecting to go inside. After that I pulled out his favorite toy (a kong with a rope) and tugged with him and did two search sessions with him. I hid the toy on the bleachers and both times he found the toy very quickly despite one of them being under a step. I was very proud of him! Then we headed home for the evening with one tired puppy. Hopefully this weekend Llarson will be able to go to soccer scrimmages. Llarson goes back next weekend for his 9 month turn in, so look for an update after that. The picture of the black Lab is actually Llarson's dad, Aabel. He is currently working and hopefully Llarson will follow in his father's pawprints.

Have a good weekend!

-Addie, Ggoody & Llarson

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Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Fun photos! What a terrific exercise to do with the kong/rope--I'm sure that's great practice for Llarson.