Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seaworld and New Holiday Collar

Every year before Christmas, Ggoody gets a new holdiay collar to help show her holiday spirit. Today while we picked up some dog food, we bought a new collar. It is green with white snowflakes and then outlined by red. It also has a HUGE reindeer bell, that could possibly get annoying in the future.

Ggoody with her new collar

Close up of collar and bell (sorry for fuziness)

I also decided to post some pictures from a field trip I went on. On Tuesday, I went to Seaworld in San Antonio, Texas with my Aquatic Science class. We went on a back stage tour of Seaworld and learned about how to become a trainer and what working at Seaworld is like. It was a fun trip, but the weather was pretty miserable. It was cold and raining, so I got a nice soak down. A killer whale decided I should have been even more wet and spit some 50 degree saltwater on me, which looking back at now is pretty funny. Enjoy the pictures!

King Penguins

Baby Beluga Whale

Adult Beluga Whale and baby

Monk Seal

Jumping Bottlenosed Dolphin

Pacific White-sided Dolphin

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